Welding Magnet set


Welding Magnet set



A 6-piece welding magnet set is a versatile and essential tool kit for welders, fabricators, and metalworkers. Each magnet in the set is encased in a durable, red-painted steel housing, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to welding spatter and heat. These magnets are designed to hold metal pieces at precise angles—commonly 45, 90, and 135 degrees—facilitating accurate and efficient welding, soldering, or assembly work.

The set includes six magnets of varying sizes, providing flexibility for different project requirements. Each magnet features strong magnetic force to securely hold metal parts in place, freeing up the welder’s hands for more accurate work. The magnets are also easy to position and reposition, ensuring quick adjustments and increased productivity.

Ideal for both professional and DIY projects, this 6-piece welding magnet set enhances precision, efficiency, and safety in metalworking tasks.


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