Booster cable 1200A

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Booster cable 1200A




1200 AMP booster cable is a robust and reliable tool designed for jump-starting vehicles with dead batteries. These heavy-duty cables are capable of delivering a high current of up to 1200 amps, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and even some commercial vehicles. The cables are constructed from thick, high-quality copper-clad aluminum, ensuring excellent conductivity and minimal voltage drop.

Encased in durable, flexible insulation, the cables are designed to remain pliable even in extreme temperatures, preventing cracking or damage. The clamps at both ends of the cables are made from strong, corrosion-resistant steel and feature color-coded, rubber-coated handles for easy identification and safe handling. The clamps have a tight grip and are designed to attach securely to various battery terminals and grounding points.

These 1200 AMP booster cables are typically long enough to reach between vehicles comfortably, allowing for easy and convenient use. They come with a storage bag or case for organized and compact storage, making them an essential item for emergency roadside kits and ensuring you’re always prepared for unexpected battery failures.


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